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Reading week

news item posted 14 December 2009

I'm grateful to Tony, Simon and Andrew for a very interesting and enjoyable week in Reading last week… Thanks to their help and guidance I've taken a couple of giant steps forward in designing the listening experiment I plan to run next year. More in due course!

12 months in…

news item posted 30 October 2009

I presented a summary of work done this year and work planned for the imminent future to the project's 12-month EPSRC meeting in Sheffield last Friday. The slides are available here in [pdf] or [ppt] versions.


news item posted 2 October 2009

The slides presented at last month's Reverberant Circle meeting in Reading [pdf] and [ppt], and the poster presented at the Southampton BSA short-papers meeting [pdf] are now posted here for anybody interested.

BSA short papers

news item posted 25 August 2009

I'm planning to attend the British Society of Audiology short papers meeting on experimental studies of hearing and deafness | The programme for the meeting is available online and includes the abstract we have submitted here. A poster will follow soon…

Reverberant Circle

news item posted 25 August 2009

The next reverberant circle meeting will be in Reading in September and will discuss the effects of reverberation on conversation in rooms |

Nottingham IHR workshop

news item posted 6 April 2009

I have just returned from a great trip to the Nottingham Institute of Hearing Research | where I met a lot of interesting people… The programme for the workshop is available here |, and for those who are interested I have uploaded the poster I presented here.

Steering group meeting

news item posted 29 January 2009

The dates for the first steering group meeting has now been announced: Tuesday 17th March 2009. This meeting will be hosted at the Reading Auditory Laboratory and will involve our project partners alongside our core research group: Hynek Hermansky |, Kalle Palomäki | and a representative from Phonak |

Speech intelligibility in noise

news item posted 9 January 2009

I attended a workshop at UCL entitled 'The Intelligibility and Quality of Speech in Noise'.

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