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UK Speech

news item posted 20 Dec 2012

I have just been to Birmingham for the UK speech meeting and showed our poster on 'low-level and high-level models of compensation for reverberation' which is available to download here.


news item posted 29 Oct 2012

For the next two months I will be job-sharing with Mauro Nicolao to work part-time on the Itslanguage project for Thomas Hain. We are working on tools to assist language learning, and our part of the project primarily involves visualisation of pronunciation and pronunciation errors for Dutch learners of English.

Lab Demonstrating

news item posted 28 Sep 2012

This semester I am happy to be assisting with lab classes for two courses in the department:

  • COM3502 Speech Processing
    Lecturer: Prof Roger Moore
    Description: This module aims to demonstrate why computer speech processing is an important and difficult problem, to investigate the representation of speech in the articulatory, acoustic and auditory domains, and to illustrate computational approaches to speech parameter extraction.
  • COM2004 Data Driven Computing
    Lecturer: Dr Jon Barker
    Description: This module serves as an introduction to machine learning and pattern processing, and has a clear emphasis on applications. The module is themed around the notion of data as a resource; how it is acquired, prepared for analysis and finally how we can learn from it.

Interspeech 2012

news item posted 18 Sep 2012

Unfortunately I was unable to attend in person... but my thanks go to Kalle Palomäki for travelling to Portland to present our Interspeech paper!

Visit to Aalto University

news item posted 19 Apr 2012

This week I am visiting Kalle Palomäki at Aalto University in Finland. I presented my work in the Department of Information and Computer Science [slides: Compensation for reverberation by human and machine listeners with synthetic and naturalistic speech material], and have also been enjoying meeting people and seeing/hearing demos from other groups nearby:

EPSRC steering group meeting

news item posted 3 Apr 2012

Our final EPSRC project meeting was held at Reading University last week on 29th March 2012. I presented a summary of ongoing work relating to perceptual experiments carried out at Sheffield University, available to download here.


news item posted 22 Feb 2012

I've just returned from a workshop entitled Making Sense of Sound 2012 where my supervisor Guy Brown presented some recent work. The meeting asked "how much can we learn about what is going on in the world simply by listening?" It was hosted by the SCANDLE project (acoustic SCene ANalysis for Detecting Living Entities) at Plymouth University, but actually took place at the National Marine Aquarium - an exciting place for my son to visit on his first birthday!

To view older news items please follow this link to the news archives page.