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Music Mind Machine

news item posted 25 November 2013

I'm pleased to be presenting this week with Mark Summers at the Music Mind Machine research centre 'Open House' event: Inspiring methods in empirical research.

Our short talk includes four practical demonstrations. Highlighting areas of often neglected signal variability, these discuss integration of an acoustic instrument (viola da gamba) and live electronics, such that the instrument's sound itself may be used as a real-time controller for subsequent audio processing. Slides from the talk are available below.

The session takes place on Tues 26 Nov (1–3 pm) in the Department of Music, University of Sheffield, and is open to anyone with an interest…

Multidisciplinary Research

news item posted 22 October 2013

I'm just back from the Laboratoire de Mécanique et d'Acoustique in Marseille which was hosting this year's CMMR conference. Previously known as Computer Music Modelling and Retrieval, the acronym now stands for Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research.

Cutlers' Ambassador Scheme

news item posted 7 October 2013

The Ambassadors scheme got off to a great start last week with an induction day at the University of Sheffield. The ambassadors - girls and boys from three Sheffield schools who have an interest in computing, in guises ranging from computer games to programming - circulated around four activities; Raspberry Pi programming, computer speech synthesis, virtual reality simulator and Microsoft Kinect programming. I assisted Prof Roger Moore with the ''MakeSpeech'' session.

UK Speech 2013

news item posted 16 September 2013

I'm off to Cambridge tomorrow for the annual get-together of the UK Speech community! I'll be presenting two posters, one relating to reverberation and one relating to pronunciation assessment. For anyone interested, the posters are available to download here.

  • Modelling reverberation compensation effects in time-forward and time-reversed rooms
  • Pairwise audio comparison for visualisation of mispronunciation


news item posted 5 July 2013

I've moved office this week, and can now be found on the Speech Technology corridor in the West Wing of Regent Court (room G042). My new phone number is +44 114 222 1912.

Musicians with hearing impairments

news item posted 30 May 2013

An interesting day's discussion (over in Manchester) about the experience of making music with a hearing impairment:

Sheffield Teaching Assistant

news item posted 3 May 2013

I have now received my Sheffield Teaching Assistant certificate, having attended workshops on

  • Large Group Teaching
  • Small Group Teaching (Laboratory Demonstration)
  • Supervising Research Projects
  • Assessment and Feedback

New role in MINI

news item posted 7 Jan 2013

I am now working part-time as a research associate in speech technology for language learning, in the machine intelligence for natural interfaces (MINI) subgroup of spandh. We are developing tools in collaboration with ITSLanguage BV for computer-assisted pronunciation training for Dutch learners of English.

To view older news items please follow this link to the news archives page.