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Sustainable software and more sound women!

news item posted 13 November 2015

It's been a great fortnight! Last week I was treated to an entertaining day out with the Software Sustainability Institute (a.k.a. #SSIBattleRoyale), and today I'm happy to be with some of the Yorkshire Sound Women Network crew at the Women in Sound/Women on Sound (WiSWoS) symposium in Lancaster. Interesting times, and lovely people!

Yorkshire Sound Women Network

news item posted 22 September 2015

I am immensely pleased to report that a wonderful group of people have banded together over the summer to form the Yorkshire Sound Women Network which aims to inspire and enable more women and girls to explore sound and music technology.

Women are hugely outnumbered by men in most sound technology spaces, and from first-hand experience I can say it is often intimating and exhausting to be the only woman in the room. I hope this will become a collaborative space in which we can share experiences, learn from and support one another… and I invite those who are tempted to come and join in!

Sound in Mind

news item posted 20 August 2015

Sound in Mind was formed in 2014 as a multidisciplinary collective promoting mental well-being through the medium of sound.

Thanks to a grant from The Bethan Reeves Community Action Trust, we have now completed the first stage of our project. This involved engaging people to determine which of our ideas might be of particular interest and benefit to them, and resulted in a questionnaire which addresses sound awareness/listening habits and explores potential podcasts topics too. We look forward to reporting developments of our first podcasts and online resource in due course.

Music and science

news item posted 17 July 2015

One of the very lovely things about my current role is that 10% of my time can be spent on training and development. I've had a number of other projects bubbling away these past months concerning machine hearing and performance analysis… Here's what's been going on!

  • 2nd RMA Music philosophy workshop I re-assessed the technical problems I faced in my masters work (c. 2005) bearing in mind everything I've learned over the decade since, to ask - Do we need robust audio interfacing based on psychoacoustic principles of hearing? I had a really great day! Thanks to all involved. [ref]
  • Music mind machine Similar to the activity we ran last year, Renee Timmers and I ran a 'Music and Science' taster session about expressive timing in music performance. A-level school pupils were invited to 'tap along' to music examples with varying degrees of swing and rubato. [ref]
  • Music analysis Thanks to Mark Summers for attending the Keele Music Analysis Conference and presenting our work with Adam Stansbie on human-based and computer-based analysis approaches for works that involve extensive improvisation. [ref]
  • Cognitive sciences of music Thanks too to Yuko Arthurs for inviting me to join her project investigating chord perception and frequency of occurrence, some findings of which will be presented in Manchester later this summer. [ref]

Computer speech and hearing

news item posted 17 July 2015

Despite its prominence in daily life, the speech signal has become somewhat secondary to snoring in my life of late. But it hasn't disappeared completely!

  • Headstart summer school I helped out at the Headstart summer school (for 42 school pupils considering enrolling for a degree in computer science) by running a speech synthesis session designed by Roger Moore.
  • UK Speech Conference I'm grateful to Mauro Nicolao for taking a poster describing our pronunciation assessment work (summarising our recent ICASSP paper) to the annual UK Speech meeting which I was unfortunately unable to attend in person. [ref]

Cohort 42

news item posted 15 June 2015

It was a real treat to meet my fellow Cohort 42 members last week, and to discuss so many topics regarding industrial/academic collaboration with them. I've learned such a lot, about myself individually and about my role leading our KTP project team. What a fun and fascinating week it was!

Knowledge Transfer Partnership

news item posted 2 April 2015

I've just begun a new role in the department as 'KTP Associate'. I remain a member of the Speech and Hearing Research Group, but am now additionally working with industrial partners from Passion For Life Healthcare. The aim of the project is to develop software for acoustic detection and diagnosis of snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea. More information...

Presque Docteur

news item posted 16 March 2015

Hooray, my PhD has been approved and the paperwork has now arrived! My thesis on 'Perceptual compensation for reverberation in human listeners and machines' will be available within a few weeks on the White Rose eTheses server.

AHRC project: Talking in Time

news item posted 23 February 2015

On Friday this week, you are cordially invited to attend an introduction to the 'Talking in Time' training software. This has been developed as part of a project carried out by staff at the University of Sheffield and the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in collaboration with cochlear implant users from the South Yorkshire region. It is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Visiting Oldenburg

news item posted 29 January 2015

I've just returned from a short but action-packed visit to Oldenburg University, where I was invited to give a talk in the Department Kolloquium Medizinischen Physik und Akustik on compensation for reverberation using auditory models. What a brilliant place, full of lovely people and interesting projects! Many thanks in particular to Tim Jürgens for hosting my visit, to Jörg-Hendrik Bach for showing me around the new building, and to Volker Hohmann, Ladan Zamaninezhad, Bernd Meyer, Andreas Häußler, Simon Doclo, Ina Kodrasi, Ante Jukic, Benjamin Cauchi and Ania Warzybok for interesting discussions. It was great to talk with you all!

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