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Cross Government Design Meeting

news item posted 2 December 2016

In addition to the usual 'first Thursday of the month' meetings (for both my KTP project and the Yorkshire Sound Women Network (YSWN) Sheffield social), Liz Dobson and I had the great pleasure of sharing the YSWN community-building approach at a Cross Government Design Meeting here in Sheffield. What a day it was!

Since I’m not on twitter myself (yet?), here’s a link to some of the discussion…

Invited to talk at Radio TechCon

news item posted 18 November 2016

I'm always pleased to be invited south for a time, and I'm really looking forward to working with Cleo Pike again! On Monday 28th November we'll be in the Arts Theatre, London, speaking about The Algorithmic Ear at the UK radio industry's engineering and technology conference, Radio TechCon.

Rounding off our Year of Making

news item posted 3 November 2016

We've had an amazing year exploring sound and taking risks with technology but the Sheffield branch of YWSN still has a lot to do before the Year of Making is over! Some of the events are specifically for women and girls, but we're also facilitating two makerspaces which are open to members of the public, so please join us if you're able.

Catalyst: Festival of Creativity

news item posted 6 October 2016

Time for another Catalyst: Festival of Creativity update! We've another few workshops ready for booking through the Yorkshire Sound Women Network website. All part of our effort to bring a little change within the sound technology industry, and work towards a more diverse representation in this field … If you prefer a more informal knowledge-sharing/community-building approach, then come along to tonight's social for starters!

Researchers' Night: Science while you sleep

news item posted 29 September 2016

Researchers’ Night opens our doors to the public so you can find out about the research that goes on at the University of Sheffield.

I'll be asking: What does the sound of your snoring say about you? Come along tomorrow night and have a listen! Judge some snores from tame to earth‐shattering, and find out how you can use your mobile phone to contribute to science while you sleep.

Acoustics Exchange Day

news item posted 12 August 2016

In Sheffield, topics of sound and acoustics are studied in research groups spanning a diverse range of disciplines and departments. Interdepartmental collaborations have mainly involved researchers at more advanced stages of their careers so far… We now extend this opportunity to early career researchers and post-graduate students!

Our Acoustics Exchange Day is on Tuesday 13th of September 2016. Come along, share your experiences, and help us build a community of practice within the broad boundaries of Acoustics.

Surveying listening habits

news item posted 18 July 2016

Since it's World Listening Day today it seems a good time to share the link for our new survey of sound awareness and listening habits which aims to raise awareness of the impact that sound and music can have on our overall well-being. The survey was designed by myself and collaborator Kate Miguda after many rounds of discussion with our friends and families, after interviews with professional and amateur musicians, and with staff and members of the Sheffield Carers Centre. I’m very grateful for each one of those conversations, and am happy to have so many suggestions incorporated into the survey. Please have a shot if you've 10 minutes to donate!

PeerJ Preprint out

news item posted 5 July 2016

Our paper from the SSI Collaborations workshop is now out at PeerJ Preprints, a venue for early communication or feedback before peer review. It's titled Ten simple rules for writing a comparative software review. You're welcome to read, comment and help us improve the article here – please do if you've time.

Sheffield Vibe

news item posted 5 July 2016

Ooo, lots going on again this week… The brand-new Sheffield Vibe magazine have just mentioned our Sheffield YSWN off-shoot in their 'Movers & Makers' section!

Year of Making Sheffield 2016

news item posted 29 June 2016

We've got the first of our Catalyst: Festival of Creativity events this week, funded as part of Sheffield's Year of Making 2016. There are still a couple of places available, so please sign up if you're able and eligible (ie female!) - it's going to be a blast. Here are a few ideas for July too…

Y10 work experience placement

news item posted 28 June 2016

For the first time ever, I had a Y10 work experience student last week! Despite his young years (all 15 of them), he really got stuck in and was a very willing helper in every task I threw at him... and there was a lot going on!

  • Annotating sounds of snorers (with and without their snoring bedpartners), and providing feedback on our proposed annotation tool.
  • Subtitling videos for the tutorial sections in Talking In Time, our conversational training software, with Emina Kurtić in the Human Communication Sciences department.
  • Setting up for the 2016 UK Speech conference, and helping Chenhao Wu and friends greet the hundred-odd visitors as they arrived at The Diamond.
  • Joining in with our first human communication technologies research morning in CATCH, our Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare.
  • Exploring the University of Sheffield Sound Studios (USSS) with Mark Summers (aka Max Hummus) from the Music department.

What did I get out of hosting the placement? After a surprisingly small amount of bureaucratic hoop jumping — mainly completing the disclosure and barring service (DBS) check, and updating risk assessment forms to take account of young people in the workplace — it was a really enjoyable week! I would definitely recommend the experience to others, especially if (like me) you are fortunate enough to be surrounded by cooperative colleagues who'll share the responsibility of hosting. There's a huge amount we grown-ups can learn from younger folk!

Talking about listening… again!

news item posted 9 June 2016

I was really pleased to be invited by Cleo Pike to be a panelist for Workshop 17 on 'Human perception and listening by machines', presented earlier this week in the 140th Audio Engineering Society convention in Paris. It was interesting (and challenging!) to discuss parallels and differences in our research in lay-person terms… Fantastic, as always, to have the opportunity to talk about listening!

Member of the Acoustical Society of America

news item posted 19 May 2016

I'm pleased to have been accepted as a Member of the Acoustical Society of America (MASA). I promise it's got nothing to do with the top UK google results: the Amateur Swimming Association!

Full steam ahead!

news item posted 16 May 2016

After a pretty busy period culminating in my machine listening for music workshops, I've been really enjoying sitting back and absorbing the wonderful work of others!

Thanks to Linda Kemp and Laura Clough for showing work in our YSWN Sheffield socials (now held at DINA on the first Thursday of every month). Thanks too to Linda O'Keefe and Liz Dobson for bringing folk from all over the world to Lancaster for the WiSWoS Forum 2016. There was a great concert – with contributions from Anna Xambó, Keiko Uenishi and Antye Greie – a formal discussion on educating girls in sound, and a chance to meet some really inspiring people. An amazing day out!

Looking ahead, if you're in or near Sheffield, keep your ears open for events I'm helping Lucy Cheesman run in the second half of 2016 as part of the Catalyst: Festival of Creativity. And for those of you within The University of Sheffield, then if it would be of interest, please join Giulio Dolcetti at Coffee Revolution (Students Union) at 3pm on Wednesday 18th May, to help develop an acoustics research day or other series of activities related to acoustics, noise, sound, speech, hearing, music, …

Beautiful Edinburgh

news item posted 24 March 2016

I feel incredibly lucky to be here while the sun is shining, and to be meeting and working with so many interesting people!

At the start of the week I spent three days at the SII Collaborations Workshop. This included giving a lightning talk (2 minutes only) on Sound tools for real-time audio tasks, speed-blogging on mentoring strategies to promote sustainable software habits, developing a prize-winning idea (!) for a tool to suggest new collaboration opportunities between nearby academics, and completing the first draft of a paper on how to write a comparative software review. Many hands make light work…

As if that wasn't enough of an excuse to come to Edinburgh, on Thursday I also presented my work on Applications of machine listening to support health-monitoring and rehabilitation in the home to the Clinical Audiology, Speech and Language Research Centre (CASL) at Queen Margaret University. I’ve met some really lovely people… What a great trip!

Make some noise!

news item posted 18 March 2016

We're teaching Live Coding for music this weekend at the National Media Museum, Bradford. It's one of the British Science Week 2016 activities… all welcome!

First Sheffield Social

news item posted 8 March 2016

Again with my Yorkshire Sound Women hat on, I'd like to invite women and girls with an interest in sound and/or music technology to join us for our first Sheffield social. Please join us at DINA this Sunday at 3pm!

LIVE LATE at Museums Sheffield

news item posted 26 February 2016

With my Yorkshire Sound Women hat on, I’m contributing to the Well-behaved women seldom make history event tonight in the Millennium Gallery. Looking forward! Drop in if you can…

Machine listening in music

news item posted 2 February 2016

Later in the spring I'll be leading a workshop called Machine listening in music: A beginner's guide. We're holding two sessions, one at the University of Leeds (Monday 4th April) and one at the University of Huddersfield on (Tuesday 5th).


news item posted 11 January 2016

As a new associate member of Sheffield University's Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare (a.k.a. CATCH), I am pleased to be introducing myself and my work to the group in their "Quick Fire Research Carousel" towards the end of this month.

Sound collaboration

news item posted 11 January 2016

Along with Mark Summers (improviser ± computer), I have been helping Rose Butler (Senior lecturer in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University) with sound for her new digital installation Come and go which will have its first showing at The Lowry, Salford Quays, on 16 January 2016.

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