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Unmaking Acoustics at AlgoMech

news item posted 20 December 2017

I always love this calm spot around the Winter solstice – a moment to reflect on the year drawing to a close… I'm really pleased this year has allowed me to properly recombine my 'former life' (as I used to refer to it) in music technology and sound art with my more recent work in auditory science and engineering… at last!

My highlight of the year in this regard took place just last month, when we presented an audio-driven installation as part of the AlgoMech festival exhibition of kinetic and algorithmic art.

Our piece, 'Unmaking Acoustics', reacted to various features of the visitor's own sound – their loudness, pitch and noisiness – and used some elementary insights from my research in human audition to adapt the machine listening techniques to the room acoustic conditions. This allowed the resulting control signals to behave in a perceptually-relevant manner, setting up the installation's intuitive visual and audio interactions in the gallery space.

Massive thanks to my collaborators in the SONA collective, especially Deborah Egan whose suggestions inspired our giant RGB 'pixel' sound visualisations, and Lucy Cheesman who arranged our community-recorded audio bank into an amazing soundscape that our visitors could then explore with their own live sound.

This month in Yorkshire…

news item posted 29 September 2017

Full steam ahead!

Imagining my future self

news item posted 27 September 2017

A blogpost I wrote earlier this month after attending the Carpentries Instructor Training course has just gone live. In it I reflect on the experience of attending a Software Carpentry course as a heavily-pregnant learner, and about how I was able to use my newly-learned skills to ease my return to the lab after maternity leave. Given the horribly small proportion of women and girls on computer science and audio technology courses I suspect that being pregnant will remain a pretty unusual motivating factor for learning these skills… but I hope the post might encourage one or two others nonetheless!

Hearing aids for music conference

news item posted 8 September 2017

Next week we are hosting our international conference on Hearing Aids For Music in Leeds. Our project site contains a blogpost I wrote earlier in the summer which details the main activities taking place… And we've just sent the final HAFM conference programme off to the printers too!

A paper, a poster and a presentation to friends

news item posted 11 August 2017

It's felt very restoring to immerse myself fully in music psychology topics this summer. I'm pleased to have had the chance to share:

Everything flows

news item posted 14 June 2017

Rose Butler's digital installation "Come and Go", with audio by Mark Summers and yours truly, has been selected for inclusion in the exhibition "Everything Flows" which runs all summer long at the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield (7 June - 3 September 2017).

From the catalogue: Everything Flows brings together work by Sheffield-based artists working with painting, sculpture, video, photography and sound. The works are each united, in different ways, by a sense of "flow", from choreographed movement and kinetic motion, through to the fluctuations of narrative, and the movement of international finance and migration.

For more info, please get in touch or check out the following:

A new beginning (or two)

news item posted 31 May 2017

Next week I'm starting a new part-time role as Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Leeds exploring the music listening behaviour of people with hearing impairments. I'm very much looking forward to working with Alinka Greasley (in Music Psychology) and Harriet Crook, my former colleague from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

During this time I'll also continue my research collaborations at the University of Sheffield as a Visiting Academic in the Department of Computer Science.

Fostering 'the gift of confidence'

news item posted 4 May 2017

Plenty of news this month with my YSWN-hat on! In addition to the Sheffield social (first Thursday of the month as usual), Liz Dobson and I have been invited to Oxford next week to give a talk in the Centre for Digital Scholarship and to help start a new sister network supported by the Fusing Semantic and Audio Technologies project.

Machine listening in artistic contexts

news item posted 1 May 2017

I'm embarking on a short (1-month) project to survey the current state of machine listening in artistic contexts! I'm grateful for an award from the Socially Enterprising Researcher fund which will cover my research expenses for the project, and I am looking forward to visiting researchers, musicians and sound artists based in and around Lincoln, Oxford, London and Edinburgh.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership

news item posted 24 April 2017

Though my KTP Associate role is drawing to an end, I'm pleased to report that the company and university partners plan to continue the collaboration and have advertised a co-funded PhD in Acoustic Analysis of Sleep Disorders.

Music collaboratory project

news item posted 10 March 2017

I've just finished teaching two sessions in the Music Department as part of the 'Music Collaboratory' course (MUS378). The content was based around the half-day workshop on machine listening that I developed for the Yorkshire Sound Women Network, but with spreading it over two separate sessions meant that we could cover live timbral analysis aspects in considerably more detail… Now I'm looking forward to hearing whether the students can incorporate some of these techniques into their work!

New survey: Room awareness and sound adaptation

news item posted 1 March 2017

Here is the link to my new survey which investigates approaches to room adaptation in live music and sound art:

All who deal with sound are welcome to take part, whether you are involved in this work professionally or otherwise: musicians, sound artists, composers, performers, improvisers, producers, sound engineers, sound designers, tonmeisters, …

You can chose to complete this survey anonymously if you wish, and you will not be identifiable in any of the subsequent uses of the data.

Alternatively, if you if you find the survey interesting and would be willing to talk about room awareness and sound adaptation in more depth, you may opt into being contacted for a follow-up interview (via Skype or similar) by entering your name and email address at the foot of the survey. Your responses will be stored confidentially until we speak, and then you can decide whether your responses should be anonymised or whether you would prefer an open citation of your work.

Please feel free to share the survey link with any friends, family, colleagues etc. that you think would be interested!

For those in Yorkshire…

news item posted 24 February 2017

Those in Yorkshire might be interested in a couple of upcoming events I'm involved in next week. Hope to see you there!

Sound awareness and listening habits

news item posted 17 February 2017

I've had a few requests this week for a reminder of the link address for our survey into sound awareness and listening habits… so here it is!

Please grab yourself a cuppa when you've 10 minutes to spare, give it a shot, and let me know what you think…

Guest blogpost for WiMIR

news item posted 7 February 2017

I was really pleased to be invited to write a blogpost for the Women in Music Information Retrieval (WiMIR) community. I've called it Finding courage in encouragement as it talks about some of stages I've gone through in facing up to the under-representation of women in music technology.

Institute of Acoustics Bulletin

news item posted 24 January 2017

Our Acoustics Exchange event was featured in the Jan/Feb edition of the Institute of Acoustics' Bulletin. Unfortunately the publication is behind a pay-wall, but those who are students can register as IOA student members (for free) and claim a copy there. If anyone else is interested to read our review, please get in touch.


news item posted 16 January 2017

It was very inspiring to both finish last year and begin this year with meetings that weave together so many different strands of my work… Long may this continue!

This page is for news in 2017. To view older news items please follow this link to the news archives page.