Welcome to my pages dealing with CSXMS (Communicating Stream X-Machine Systems) models. Like a lot of my pages, they are still under construction, not least because the work that they are describing is still in progress, so please excuse any oddities that you may observe!
Danger - men at work!

This page contains brief sections dealing with the following topics:

Introduction to CSXMS

Briefly, CSXMS models are an extension of basic X-Machine models (or Eilenberg Machines, as they are starting to become known, in honour of their original creator), where the aim of the extension is to model distributed systems.  A separate page provides a more detailed introduction to these models, and currently this is organised into the following topics:
  • The Background to CSXMS ;
  • The Aim of CSXMS ;
  • The Structure of CSXMS ;
  • CSXMS and DFA ;
  • Future Developments.

  • Papers about CSXMS

    A separate page gives details of the various papers that have been produced about CSXMS models, and that are in a state where it is appropriate to make details public.  Others are being worked on, but are still not complete enough to justify being made publicly available, although some of them may be released on a strictly limited basis to students who are going to do work on aspects of CSXMS.

    The page simply lists the papers in chronological order, with relevant notes for each.  For each paper an abstract is available, and where an electronic version of the full text is available then there is a link to this too.  This will either be to the site for the conference or journal in which the paper was published, or for some (where the original version might be hard to get at, and I don't have to worry about copyright restrictions) the full text is available here, as an Adobe Acrobat pdf file.

    Variants on the CSXMS model

    As the CSXMS concept has been developed so a number of different variants on it have been identified, and a separate page describes these.

    Projects to Develop the CSXMS concept

    CSXMS models are still under development, and there are various projects concerned with particular aspects of them that currently require further investigation.  Originally I intended to create a separate page for these, but this never happened, and instead it became increasingly apparent that projects concerned with CSXMS could not sensibly be separate from those concerned with my other research interests.  I have therefore now create a single project page, that covers the potential PhD research topics that I have identified for all the fields in which I am interested:  follow this link to get to this page.

    This page created by A. J. Cowling, and last updated on 14 July 2004