Variants of CSXMS Models

Several different variants of the basic CSXMS model have now been proposed, and this page provides an overview of these.  A report is being produced which will document them in more detail, but that is not yet available, and when it is it will be extremely detailed - perhaps much more so than many readers might want at first.  The other aspects of CSXMS models, for which there are separate pages, are as follows.


The basic CSXMS model was developed from an earlier proposal by Barnard and Whitworth, but this was not developed to a point where it was possible to compute the input-output relationship for a system, and so it is debatable whether it should really be counted as a variant.  Since it is important as background, though, a brief description of it is included here.  Thus, the main variants of the basic model that are covered here are as follows.

The Barnard and Whitworth Model



Channel-Based Models



Testing Variants



Multiple Tape Systems



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