University of Sheffield

Anthony J H Simons, MA PhD

Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
University Computer Science Testing Group Space Tech Europe Industry

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I am an academic software engineer with research interests in model-based testing and model-driven engineering. Previously, I worked in object-oriented analysis and design and in object-oriented type theory.

As former head of the Testing Research Group in the Department of Computer Science, I lead research in software testing and model-driven software development. I supervise PhD students locally and at the South-East European Research Centre, Thessaloniki.

I currently teach courses on systems design and security. Previously I have taught courses on Java e-commerce, object-oriented design, the programming languages C++, Smalltalk and Eiffel, lambda calculus, type theory and symbolic reasoning in AI. I support the interdisciplinary degree in Aerospace Engineering.

I was the Director of Undergraduate Admissions in Computer Science from 2012-2019, and Director of Teaching in Computer Science from 1999-2005.

Anthony J H Simons