Dr. Diana Maynard
Senior Research Fellow
Natural Language Processing Group
Department of Computer Science
University of Sheffield

Room G36a, Regent Court, 211 Portobello, Sheffield S1 4DP, UK
Phone: +44 (0)114 222 1938
email: d.maynard [at] sheffield.ac.uk
Personal blog: http://expandyourlimits.wordpress.com/

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Current Key Activities

  • Chair of the annual GATE training course
  • Member of the Centre for Freedom of the Media (CFOM)
  • Advisory Board Membership

    Research Supervision

    Current PhD students

  • Ye Jiang (2016- ) Ye is a Grantham Scholar working on "Evaluating the influence of the reporting of natural disasters on public understanding of their causes and possible prevention solutions"
  • Adeosun Temitope (2017- ) Thesis title: "Opinion detection in Nigerian online code-switching conversations"
  • Visiting PhD/MSc Students

    Past PhD students

  • Isabelle Augenstein (2014-2016)
  • Past Visiting PhD Students

  • Laura Pollacci (April-August 2018), University of Pisa, Italy.
  • Benedetta Iavarone (February-August 2018), University of Pisa, Italy. Benedetta is visiting for 6 months under the Erasmus Trainee Scheme.
  • Luiz Mesquita (June-December 2018),Information Science Dept, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brasil.
  • Giuliano Resce (May-June 2017), School of Economics, Rome. Giuliano is visiting as part of the SoBigData Research Mobility Scheme, researching an Evaluation of Citizens about WellBeing in Democracy.
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