9th Workshop on Theory of Randomized Search Heuristics

The 9th Workshop on Theory of Randomised Search Heuristics (ThRaSH) took place on 11-12 September 2015 in Sheffield, United Kingdom.


Scope of the ThRaSH Workshop Series

Randomised search heuristics are a rich and diverse class of algorithms that are successfully used in various applications, both in combinatorial and numerical optimisation. Examples include evolutionary algorithms, ant colony optimisation, artificial immune systems, estimation of distribution algorithms, particle swarm optimisation, simulated annealing, and random local search. In contrast to problem-specific randomised algorithms, they are designed to be general black-box optimisers.

Given such a scenario, proving that such algorithms satisfy certain performance guarantees remains a hard and widely open problem. Gaining a theoretical understanding of randomised search heuristics is therefore an important task. Since these search heuristics are first and foremost optimisation algorithms with stochastic elements, there is a clear potential in applying techniques developed in other research areas such as probability theory or "classical" optimisation (such as problem-specific algorithms and numerical optimisation) to analyse randomised search heuristics.

Aim of the ThRaSH Workshop Series

The mission of the ThRaSH workshop series is to contribute to the theoretical understanding of randomised search heuristics. The aim is to stimulate interactions within the research field and between people from different disciplines working on randomised algorithms. The primary focus is on discussing recent ideas and detecting challenging topics for future work, rather than on the presentation of final results.

Submissions and important dates

In order to propose giving a talk at ThRaSH 2015 simply submit an abstract as instructed on the registration page before the submission deadline.