Decision Support

Decision Support Web Application

decision supportIn order to support quick and evidence-based decision making we designed a web interface that functions as the main point of access to all the citizens’ observatory information for both citizens and professional (each with different access rights). The web application, Kite, allows users to easily visualise the data, ask questions and gain insight to support decisions made in emergency scenarios. Kite collects data via the WeSenseIt platform architecture from all types of sensors and from the mobile application and aggregates them in a unique environment. Data is visualised by exploiting the multiple dimensions and turning them into facets that users can navigate to drill down to the information required. For example, the system allows users to view all the possible information for a specific river on a specific date, including readings from “professional” sensors, low-cost sensors and visual readings from users, with details of when and where the readings were taken and the report submitted. This information could be cross-checked with the flood checklist completion for a specific area, to quickly assess preparedness of citizens in an “at-risk” area.