Mobile Device Apps

The WeSenseIt Citizens’ Observatories Mobile App

The WeSenseIt project aims to develop local ‘citizen observatories’ to strengthen communities’ safety in case of a flood. A citizen’s observatory is a virtual space where the citizens and the local council can send and see information about the water levels in the rivers. The WeSenseIt mobile app enables citizens to create and submit reports about water courses or sensitive locations.

The mobile app can be used on Android Smartphones and has five sections:

  1. Citizen Observatory: This is set up as a facebook page to discuss any flooding activities in a local area. It gives citizens the possibility to see and post information in their area.
  2. Report: Here citizens can send a flood report and sensor reading and add any photos and comments.
  3. Flood checklist: A checklist of actions to be done e.g ‘Move furniture and electrical items to safety’, ‘Put floor boards, polythene and sandbags in place’.
  4. General contacts: A list of contacts which can be useful to citizen’s during a flood.
  5. Points of interest: Relevant places in the local area such as Evacuation Centre’s and help points.

The below pictures show how the features are displayed on the WeSenseIt Citizens Observatory Mobile app:




app_1 app_2 app_4 


River Water Flow Rate Mobile App

This mobile app can be used on Android Smartphones and allows citizens to collect quantitative waterway data (river discharge data) in such a way that the data is as accurate and reliable as possible, requires no additional equipment, involves minimal training and no expense. The user experience is rated as good and users have been found to be willing to engage further with the project.