Alto Adriatico Water Authority


The Alto Adriatico Water Authority (AAWA) is responsible for the management of the rivers flowing into the Northern Adriatic Sea, namely Isonzo, Tagliamento, Livenza, Piave, and Brenta. The AAWA is in charge of the catchment planning, including remedial measures to reduce hydraulic and geological risks, as well as for the protection and the sustainable use of water resources. It coordinates the activities to be implemented on a basin scale such as safeguarding the quality and quantity of water resources, attain the best possible balance among the contrasting water use, study the schemes necessary to prevent, in particular, disastrous events – droughts and floods. According to the WFD, the AAWA coincides with the Eastern Alps river District. AAWA promotes Basin Plans which indicate the objectives of water resources and flood risk management in the North East Italy, and the measures aimed to achieve these objectives. AAWA has an extensive experience of participation in relevant EU projects, which includes coordination of the European project LIFE, participation in the EU initiative SIMIS (Connected monitoring system of Soča-Isonzo river) and the KULTURisk (Knowledge-based approach to develop a cULTUre of Risk prevention). Furthermore, AAWA provided a decision support system for water risk management for regional civil protection.


Key Personnel:

Dr Michele Ferri
Dr Martina Monego
Dr Francesco Baruffi