HydroLogic Research Delft


HydroLogic Research | Delft (HR) is a research and consultancy hydroinformatics company, specialised in providing innovative urban water management solutions and services in the European and Middle East markets. Our activities are focused on the major processes and components of the urbanised water environment, such as: water supply and distribution systems, wastewater and storm- water collection and conveyance systems, deltaic water management, and fluvial and pluvial flood simulation, forecasting, warning and real-time control. The applications and services we develop use advances in hydroinformatics such as simulation models, data modelling, remote sensing, GIS-based modelling, risk and uncertainty analysis, artificial intelligence, decision-support systems, web services and mobile information and communication technologies. HydroLogic Research | Delft works in close cooperation with HydroLogic Amersfoort, also an SME. We were and are involved various EC-funded FP projects, such as the LENVIS FP7 project (www.lenvis.eu) for which HydroLogic was Coordinator and the MyWater project (www.fp7-mywater.eu). Our staff has participated and led several European projects in previous research frameworks (FP5 and FP6). Examples are: ELTRAMOS, HYDROPLAN-EU, TELEFLEUR, FLOWS, OSIRIS, FloodRisk, FloodSite and Marie Currie AI4IA project.


Key Personnel:

Prof. Arnold Lobbrecht
Dr. Slavco Velickov
Prof. Dr. Roland Price