Quinary S.p.A


Quinary is a technology oriented system integration and consulting company. It is privately held, and currently operates from three offices in Milan, Rome and Ivrea and count about 150 employees with a 2010 turnover of about 8.5 Millions Euro. Since its start-up in 1985, Quinary has been involved in the integration of traditional and advanced information technologies, proposing itself as a technological partner for developing innovative applications. Quinary has been involved in advanced IT research projects since its early days, both at the national and international level (European Commission sponsored research). Research activities focused on management of structured and unstructured information, with a long track of successful EC projects in areas related to data modelling, knowledge management, information retrieval, knowledge representation and semantic web technologies. Quinary since 1985 participated directly in more than 10 EU funded projects, also working as Coordinator, and it is currently involved in iTesla project (283012) to build innovative tools for the future coordinated and stable operation of the pan-European electricity transmission system. Quinary is also doing internal R&D on themes such as radio meshes for emergency management.


Key Personnel:

Clara Bagnasco
Massimo Ferraro