Starlab is a Spanish SME that converts science into technologies with a profound positive impact on society and the planet. Scientists, engineers and economists from different nationalities work together with a common goal: to provide our clients with breakthrough technologies and end-to-end solutions that create business opportunities. Starlab Research carries out interdisciplinary R&D focusing on two areas: Space and applied Neuroscience. The Starlab team (now more than 20 on staff) includes 5 nationalities spanning knowledge in physics, engineering, computer science, neuroscience and economics). 50% of our staff has a PhD, and 85% a Master or PhD.

We target technology and applications: the development of new sensors and efficient algorithms to extract information from data, identification of platforms and deployment opportunities, as well as the development of services and products. Interdisciplinarity is a key aspect of our research. Space R&D develops on new technologies, including payloads, algorithms and mission feasibility studies. We have demonstrated experience in GNSS technologies (GPS/Galileo), radar altimetry and space astronomy. Earth Observation applications include technologies such as GNSS-R, SAR and multi- spectral analysis for environmental and energy applications. We provide high-tech solutions to clients in the Environment, Space, Energy and Health sectors, based on innovation in Space and Neuroscience R&D. Our solutions include new sensors (environment, space, health and safety), services, software and algorithms, as well as client-driven R&D consulting—both on technology and high-tech market intelligence.


Key Personnel:

Elizabeth Gil-Roldán Little