University of Middlesex


The Flood Hazard Research Centre (FHRC) at Middlesex University (MU) comprises a small group of social and environmental scientists and PhD students. FHRC specialises in the interaction between people and the environment, together with the analysis and appraisal of environmental policies, and is a world centre of expertise in the socio-economic assessment of flood and floodplain management options. Our aim is to improve policy making and implementation in the fields of hazard (flood prevalently), coastal and integrated water management and the different environmental and societal dimensions such as factors of change, human and social aspects, governance and decision making. A series of four manuals produced by the Centre form the basis of the economic appraisal of flood and coastal defence projects in the UK. They have undertaken research programmes in water management, coastal zone management and flood risk management, including ones focused on Integrated Water Management, governance issues, stakeholder participation, environmental perception, risk communication and land/water management. In 2000, the Centre was granted a Queen’s Anniversary Award for Further and Higher Education.


Key Personnel:

Sue Tapsell
Dr. Simon McCarthy
Dr Christophe Viavattene