Month Due Deliverable No. Title PU
4 D8.11 D8.11 Dissemination Plan (1) PU
4 D8.21 D8.21 Exploitation Plan (1) PU
4 D8.31 D8.31-Showcasing Plan (1) PU
6 D6.10 D6.10 Report on the governance context for the citizens observatory of water PU
6 D6.21 Requirement analysis for citizen observatories (including stakeholder sensor adoption and usage) Document available on request. PU
9 D2.11 D2.11 Semantic Framework for heterogeneous sensor networks PU
11 D7.10 D7.10-Case Studies Methodology and Design PU
21 D3.11 D3.11 Modelling of uncertainty aware processes PU
21 D6.22 D6-22 Encoraging Stakeholder Participation PU
21 D8.41 D8.41 Midterm Report on EU Initiatives PU
32 D4.31 Designing and developing Cross-dimensional contextualised information space projection PU
32 D5.31 WeSenseIt Platform (V2) PU
36 D1.12 Physical and remote sensing technologies PU
36 D1.21 Socia Information Extraction from Media PU
36 D2.12 Data and information integration in heterogeneous networks PU
36 D2.21 Efficient methods for model-based multi-objective optimisation PU
41 D8.12 Dissemination report PU
41 D8.22 Exploitation report PU
41 D8.32 Showcasing report PU
42 D1.32 Evaluation of Information Extraction from social streams PU
42 D2.22 Mathematical and algorithmic framework for dynamic network optimisation PU
42 D3.20 Models and ABM framework for development and calibration of social models PU
42 D3.30 Integrated social and physical models PU
42 D4.32 Methodologies and technologies for decision-support PU
42 D4.50 Conceptual Integration with GMES and GEOSS PU
42 D5.32 WeSenseIt Platform (final) PU
42 D6.24 Opportunities and barrier analysis PU
42 D6.30 Social innovation & impact of citizen observatory-based knowledge exchange & participation PU
42 D7.20 Doncaster Case Study Evaluation PU
42 D7.30 Netherlands Case Study Evaluation PU
42 D7.40 Alto Adriatico Case Study Evaluation PU
48 D8.42 Final report on coordination with EU initiatives PU
48 D8.43 Policy brief on WeSenseIt implications for environmental policy PU
48 D8.50 Life beyond WeSenseIt: organisational structure and community PU