Welcome xxx to my personal web page. Here is some standard contact information if you want to get in touch.

Since I maintain the web server, the rest of my page is sometimes full of stuff designed to test, evaluate and break the WWW server, so it may not be particularly interesting for you to browse.

Come and meet the family...Here are some pictures:
the missus (or is it marilyn monroe?)(thinks: I cant possibly have enough bags / coats / shoes yet!)
micia(thinks: Aha, the living cushion has not moved for at least 3 seconds, I'd better go and sit on it)
muffin(thinks: growl, eat, growl, sleep, growl, repeat)
gran (standing), great-gran, great-great-gran, and mum (as a baby) gran made it to 101 and was still going strong! (bigger, 971Kb)
More pictures from gran as promised at the party