Heidi Christensen

I am a lecturer in Computer Science and a member of the Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare (CATCH) at the University of Sheffield. I am also part of the Speech and Hearing Research Group (SPandH) and a member of the Sheffield Medical Humanities (MHS).

I am interested in clinical applications of speech and audio technology. In the Human Communication Technology team, that I lead in CATCH, we work on various assistive technologies and clinical applications that can help people live independently and well for longer. Our interests include:

  • human-computer interfaces such as conversational interfaces to domestic robots, dialogue systems and automatic speech recognition of disordered speech,
  • communication technologies that can help people communicate with other people ,
  • computer-aided audio, speech and language analysis, e.g. classifying dementia or detecting abnormal pronunciation patters, and
  • speech and language generating technologies such as speech synthesis with a personalised voice.
If you are interested in some of my work or would like to visit then please get in touch on heidi.christensen at sheffield.ac.uk