I am a researcher and teaching assistant at the University of Sheffield, Department of Computer Science since July 2014, affiliated with the Professor Fabio Ciravegna's OAK Research Group and work in the general areas of Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, mobility tracking and large-scale information/data processing. My main research interests are knowledge representation, statistical NLP, weakly supervised learning, and Semantic Web with applications including information extraction, information retrieval and knowledge base systems.

Before starting a research position, I was a KTP associate as part of a project funded by Innovate UK in Cognitive Computing Research Group, University of Westminster and ActiveStandards (now acquired by crownpeak), mainly carrying out R&D in new semantic systems and services on ActiveStandards platform , in order to assist businesses and organizations to discover, understand and act on the actionable knowledge within their information repositories. Prior to that, I was studying Web Technology in the University of Southampton and earned Master degree with Honors under the supervision of Prof. Leslie Carr.

I'm also a full-stack Java/Python Software Engineer with more than 10 years industry experience in large-scale distributed systems and have 2 years experiences in Android Mobile development. I was sensor software engineer in a top-5 US-Chinese software service company, Dextrys, Inc. (Now EPAM), had engaged in many large-scaled enterprise application development projects with complicated business requirements, such as Chartis Brazil Insurance System, Hanover Insurance system for Hanover, Mayban Fortis Insurance System, EA Back Office System for Electric Arts Inc., Non-Domestic Management System for Hong Kong Housing Authority and etc. My role in the four years industry experience was to design, enhance application solutions and work closely with business analysis team; transform clients' ideas and business concepts into carefully designed and well-authorised software engineering solutions; work closely with UI team to ensure the high usability of software; coordinate with QA team to improve the software quality and so forth during the whole software development lifecycle.

I have years Agile software development experiences in distributed international team and am a Certified Scrum Master.

For more details, see my publications and CV.