Behavioural and Evolutionary Theory Lab

The Behavioural and Evolutionary Theory Lab is an interdisciplinary collection of individuals interested in how and why behaviours evolve. We are interested in behaviours and behavioural mechanisms, and their evolutionary function. We apply a range of theoretical approaches, from mathematics and statistics, decision theory, computer science, and physics. Particular topics of interest are currently the evolution of social behaviour, such as altruism and cooperation, and optimal decision-making mechanisms in groups, such as social insects, and in individuals. We often consider neuroscience mechanisms or analogues, and increasingly test our theories in robots.

The Lab is part of the Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield, and is physically based in Sheffield Robotics.

About the BET Lab

Photo by Thomas Schlegel

Selected Publications:

  1. Cope, A., Sabo, C., Gurney, K., Vasilaki, E. & Marshall, J. A. R. (2016) A model for an angular velocity-tuned motion detector accounting for deviations in the corridor-centering response of the bee. PLoS Computational Biology 12(5): e1004887 [PDF]

  2. Marshall, J. A. R. (2015) Social Evolution and Inclusive Fitness Theory: An Introduction. Princeton University Press

  3. Marshall, J. A. R., Trimmer, P. C., Houston, A. I. & McNamara, J. M. (2013) On evolutionary explanations of cognitive biases. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 28, 469-473 [PDF]

  4. Seeley, T. D, Visscher, P. K. Schlegel, T., Hogan, P. M., Franks, N. R. & Marshall, J. A. R. (2012) Stop signals provide cross inhibition in collective decision-making by honeybee swarms. Science 335, 108-111 [PDF]

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