Recent activities

  • I am leading a JSALT project on Grounded Sequence-to-Sequence Transduction at JHU in Baltimore, June 25th-August 3rd.
  • I am co-organising with Desmond Elliott, Stella Frank, Loic Barrault and Fethi Bougares the third edition of the shared task on Multimodal Machine Translation as part of WMT18 in Brussels, October 2018.
  • I am co-organising with Varvara Logacheva, Fred Blain, Ramon Fernandez and Andre Martins the seventh edition of the Quality Estimation shared task as part of WMT18 in Brussles, October 2018.
  • I was area co-chair (Machine Translation) with Matt Post, Dekai Wu and Yang Liu for ACL 2018 in Melbourne.
  • I was demo co-chair with Michael Paul and Matt Post for EMNLP 2017 in Copenhagen.
  • I gave an invited lecture at the Machine Translation Marathon in Lisbon, August 2017.
  • I gave a keynote speech at the Text, Speech and Dialogue Conference in Prague, August 2017.
  • I was program co-chair with Roger Levy of CONLL 2017, which will was co-located with ACL 2017 in Vancouver.
  • I co-organised with Daniel Cer, Mona Diab, Eneko Agirre and Inigo Lopez-Gazpio the Semantic Textual Similarity shared task as part of SemEval-2017, which was co-located with ACL 2017 in Vancouver
  • I was tutorial co-chair with Alexandre Klementiev of EACL 2017 in Valencia, April 2017.

Past activities...