Marian Gheorghe - research interests

NOTE. List of selected papers is here.



EPSRC project Molecular X-machines (2002-2005; PI) & Final report (pdf)

EPSRC project Observatory (2005-2008; Co-I)

British Council travel grant with the University of Metz, France (2006-2007)

Royal Academy of Engineering Research Exchanges with China and India project (2010) - Main presentation

INTERREG IVC project OSEPA (2010-2012, Co-I)

EPSRC project HPC for FLAME (2011-2013, Co-I)

EPSRC project ROADBLOCK (2012-2015)



My research interests lie in studying various computational models, like state machines - automata, (stream) X-machines, membrane systems, generative devices - formal grammars, grammar systems, DNA based mechanisms, and in their applications to formal verification and testing, software engineering, systems & synthetic biology, artificial life, agent based systems.

Our research is directly related to investigations regarding:

- membrane systems core research of Dr Gheorghe Paun and P systems main web site as well as the following groups

-- Prof Erzsebet Csuhaj-Varju and Gyorgy Vaszil from the Automation and Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy

-- Prof Sergey Verlan from The University Paris 12

-- Prof Gexiang Zhang - Southwest Jiaotong University

- natural computing of Prof Grzegorz Rozenberg group and Prof Mario de J. Perez-Jimenez group

- artificial life, self-assembly, systems & synthetic biology developed by Prof Natalio Krasnogor group

- biomolecular computations and dynamics of Prof Vincenzo Manca group

- unconventional programming language paradigms and especially the MGS language developed by Prof Jean-Louis Giavitto group

Research on membrane algorithms is illustrated by this paper - related software is available here.


Kernel P systems is a new research area investigating a specification language based on membrane systems.

A first technical report is here and some examples are here. A website with the code for these examples and some experiments for 3-colouring problems is here. A Google site with details about the language is here.



Links to related pages:


 Francesco Bernardini BCS distinction



Stochastic P system simulator is here.

Kernel P systems (soon available)


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