Mariam Kiran MSc(Eng) PhD FHEA [under construction]


Research Fellow

Department of Computer Science

University of Sheffield

Dr. Kiran is a Research Fellow in Cloud Computing at the Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield. She is currently working with Dr Tony Simons on an EU-FP7 project Broker@Cloud project focussing on quality assurance and optimisation for future Cloud Service Brokers.

She is actively involved in various research activities in Cloud Computing, agent-based modelling particularly using FLAME (due to past experience), developing testing and verification techniques, game theory, multi-objective optimisation, agent learning and studying economic, sociology and biology modelling using various computational techniques. She is particularly working on various aspects of Cloud computing - working with webservices, brokering models, trust, risk, security and optimisation aspects in the Cloud and developing Cloud applications. Dr. Kiran holds a PhD in co-evolutionary learning and optimisation in agents focusing in economic market models.

Research Interests

Cloud computing, agent-based modelling, risk assessment, trust and risk on SLAs in clouds, Security issues, market behaviour algorithms, game theory, parallelisation, multi-objective optimisation techniques, verification and testing, evolutionary computation, economic systems, socioeconomic and biology modelling and social networks.

Selected publications

A complete list of publications can be found here. Here is a list of few publications which shows her research interests.

  • Cloud Computing

  • * Khan A. U., Oriol M., Kiran M., Jiang M. and Djemame K., Security Risks and their Management in Cloud Computing, IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science (CloudCom), December, 2012

    * Karim Djemame, Benno Barnitzke, Marcelo Corrales, Mariam Kiran, Ming Jiang, Django Armstrong, Nikolaus Forgo, Iheanyi Nwankwo, Legal issues in clouds: towards a risk inventory, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 2013, Vol 371, Issue 1983, The Royal Society

  • Testing and Verification

  • * Salem F. Adra, Mariam Kiran, Phil McMinn, Neil Walkinshaw: A multiobjective optimisation approach for the dynamic inference and refinement of agent-based model specifications. IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation 2011: 2237-2244, New Orleans, USA

  • Agent Based Modelling

  • * Mariam Kiran, Paul Richmond, Mike Holcombe, Lee Shawn Chin, David Worth and Chris Greenough, FLAME: Simulating Large Populations of Agents on Parallel Hardware Architectures, AAMAS 2010: 1633-1636, Toronto, Canada.

    * Mike Holcombe, Salem Adra, Mesude Bicak, Shawn Chin, Simon Coakley, Alison I. Graham, Jeffrey Green, Chris Greenough, Duncan Jackson, Mariam Kiran, Sheila MacNeil, Afsaneh Maleki-Dizaji, Phil McMinn, Mark Pogson, Robert Poole, Eva Qwarnstrom, Francis Ratnieks, Matthew D. Rolfe, Rod Smallwood, Tao Sun and David Worth, Modelling complex biological systems using an agent-based approach, Integrative Biology, 2012

    * Release of FLAME v1.0 as Opensource on SourceForge

    * User manual for FLAME v1.0

  • Economic, Socio and Biology modelling

  • * Mariam Kiran, Simon Coakley, Neil Walkinshaw, Phil McMinn, Mike Holcombe, Validation and discovery from computational biology models. Biosystems 93(1-2): 141-150 (2008)