Research Interests

Most of my work is in the field of Natural Language Processing although it is also been influenced by related areas such as Information Retrieval.

Areas I have worked on recently include:

  • Lexical Semantics (analysis of word meaning), including word sense disambiguation, lexical similarity and hybrid distributional/knowledge-based models.
  • Information Extraction (identification of structured knowledge from text), particularly distant supervision approaches to relation extraction.
  • Biomedical Text Processing (supporting access to medical literature), including word sense disambiguation, relation extraction, literature-based discovery/data mining and contradiction identification.
  • Document analysis including identification of text reuse/plagiarism and author identification.

Research Group

Current Members
Amal Alharbi
Areej Alokailil
William Briggs
Faisl Alvi
Heidi McClure
Adam Poulston
Yunita Sari
Zeerak Waseem

Previous Members and Visitors
Muhammad Adeel (Phd thesis: Mono-lingual Paraphrased Text Reuse and Plagiarism Detection)
Nikolaos Aletras (PhD thesis: Interpreting Document Collections using Topic Models)
Abdulaziz Alamri (PhD thesis: The Detection of Contradictory Claims in Biomedical Abstracts)
Rachel Cotterill (PhD thesis: Identifying Stylometric Correlates of Social Power)
Andres Duque
Samuel Fernando (PhD thesis: Enriching Lexical Knolwedge Bases with Encyclopedia Relations)
Aitor Gonzalez Agirre
Paula Goodale
Mark Greenwood
Yikun Guo
Weiwei Cheng
Mark Hall
David Martinez
Laura Plaza
Judita Preiss
Roland Roller (Thesis: Detection Biomedical Relations using Distant Supervision)
Jurica Seva
Lucia Specia (Thesis: Uma abordagem hibrida relacional para a desambiguacao lexical de sentido na traducao automatica)
Kumutha Swampillai (Thesis: Information Extraction Across Sentences)

Research Projects

Projects I have been involved with include: