Research Interests

Most of my work is in the field of Natural Language Processing although it is also been influenced by related areas such as Information Retrieval.

Areas I have worked on recently include:

  • Lexical Semantics (analysis of word meaning), including word sense disambiguation, lexical similarity and hybrid distributional/knowledge-based models.
  • Information Extraction (identification of structured knowledge from text), particularly distant supervision approaches to relation extraction.
  • Biomedical and Medical Text Processing (supporting access to medical literature), including word sense disambiguation, relation extraction, literature-based discovery/data mining and contradiction identification.
  • Document analysis including identification of text reuse/plagiarism and author identification.

Research Group

Current Members
Amal Alharbi
Areej Alokailil
William Briggs
Faisl Alvi
Heidi McClure
Adam Poulston
Yunita Sari

Previous Members and Visitors
Muhammad Adeel (Phd thesis: Mono-lingual Paraphrased Text Reuse and Plagiarism Detection)
Nikolaos Aletras (PhD thesis: Interpreting Document Collections using Topic Models)
Abdulaziz Alamri (PhD thesis: The Detection of Contradictory Claims in Biomedical Abstracts)
Rachel Cotterill (PhD thesis: Identifying Stylometric Correlates of Social Power)
Andres Duque
Samuel Fernando (PhD thesis: Enriching Lexical Knolwedge Bases with Encyclopedia Relations)
Aitor Gonzalez Agirre
Paula Goodale
Mark Greenwood
Yikun Guo
Weiwei Cheng
Mark Hall
David Martinez
Laura Plaza
Judita Preiss
Roland Roller (Thesis: Detection Biomedical Relations using Distant Supervision)
Jurica Seva
Lucia Specia (Thesis: Uma abordagem hibrida relacional para a desambiguacao lexical de sentido na traducao automatica)
Kumutha Swampillai (Thesis: Information Extraction Across Sentences)

Research Projects

Projects I have been involved with include: