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Gaussian Process Latent Variable Model - MATLAB Software

GP-LVM Software

This page will describe examples of how to use the Gaussian process latent variable model Software (GPLVM) available for download here. Alternative GP-LVM implementations from this site: The GP-LVM C++ software is available from here. The main GPLVM release is the FGPLVM toolbox which uses a different form of sparsification. This release is maintained only occaisionally. This new version is available here.

The GPLVM software can be downloaded here.

Release Information

Current release is 2.11.

As well as downloading the GPLVM software you need to obtain the toolboxes specified below. These can be downloaded using the same password you get from registering for the GPLVM software.
Toolbox Version
PRIOR 0.22
OPTIMI 0.132
KERN 0.221
IVM 0.4
NOISE 0.14
This release includes updates to the files for reading GPLVMs from the C++ code.

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