Ning Ma
Research Fellow,
Speech and Hearing Research Group,
Department of Computer Science,
University of Sheffield

I am generally interested in spoken language understanding for both humans and machines. My current research interests include:

  • Hearing impairment and cochlear implant processing
  • Computational auditory scene analysis
  • Robust automatic speech recognition
  • Speech perception in noise

Selected Publications

  • Ma, N., May, T., Brown, G. (accepted) Exploiting deep neural networks and head movements for robust binaural localisation of multiple sources in reverberant environments, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing
  • Ma, N., Morris, S., and Kitterick P. T. (2016) Benefits to speech perception in noise from the binaural integration of electric and acoustic signals in simulated unilateral deafness, Ear and Hearing, 37(3): 248--259
  • Ma, N., Barker, J., Christensen, H., Green P. (2013) A hearing-inspired approach for distant-microphone speech recognition in the presence of multiple sources. Computer Speech and Language, 27(3): 820--836
  • Ma, N., Barker, J., Christensen, H., Green P. (2012) Combining speech fragment decoding and adaptive noise floor modelling. IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, 20(3): 818--827
  • Ma, N., Green, P., Barker, J. and Coy, A. (2007) Exploiting correlogram structure for robust speech recognition with multiple speech sources. Speech Communication, 49(12): 874--891

The full list of my publications can be found here.