6.270 Autonomous Robot Design Competition  MIT's famous robot competition

AAAI Mobile Robot Competition  Sponsored by the American Association for Artificial Intelligence

Aerial Robotics Competition This is the place for smart helicopters and blimps

All-Japan Robot Sumo  Worlds largest robot competition with 3000 robots entered!

BattleBots   The most dangerous collection of battling robots in the world. Two hundred pound monsters who's only goal is to destroy the competition!

BEAM  Their minimalist approach to robotics results in simple robots and fun competitions

BEST  An annual competition in which local high school students team up with local businesses

BotBall  Teams of High School students have six weeks to design, build, and program a mobile robot

Bot Bash  People who like to build robots and then go out and smash them into each other

Canada First Robotic Games Sponsored by businesses to motivate students and expand the pool of "technology literate" graduates

Critter Crunch  A robotic combat in which the object is to immobilize your opponent or to push him out of the arena.  Two weight classes - 2 pounds and 20 pounds

EuroBot   Annual autonomous robot competition in France

Fire Fighting Robot Contest  Autonomous robots extinguish fires in a maze

FIRST  Corporations sponsor local High Schools across the US.  Over 300 robots expected at the next event

Intelligent Robot Contest  Sendai, Japan.  Includes pictures for those of us who can't read Japanese

International Festival of Sciences and Technologies France's big robot competition includes walking machines and Soccer

International Ground Robotic Competition  A big annual competition with almost $15,000 in prize money

Techno Games 2000   TV show featuring "Mechathletes" in a "Technology Olympics"

Micromouse Competition  The UC Davis Micromouse page

MIROSOT  The Micro-Robot World Cup Soccer Tournament

North East Indiana Robot Games Three weight classes of Robot Sumo Mayhem

OCAD Sumo Robot Challenge  Bashing/crashing/smashing robots sponsored by the Ontario College of Art & Design

RoboCon   One of the world's oldest and most prestigious annual robotics events, with a television viewing audience of over 15 million people

RoboCup  The official home page for the international Robot Soccer competition

RoboMania  Radio controlled robot competition with $15,000 purse

RoboRama   Robot competition sponsored by the Dallas Personal Robotics Group

Robot Battles  Head-to-head combat with other 'bots

Robot Challenge   Robot Sumo and Stock Car Derby in Australia

Robot Rumbles  Canadian Robotic Destruction!

Robot Sumo   The annual competition held at the Exploratorium in San Francisco also features rope climbing, maze, and other events

Robot Wars  A UK TV show

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Contest  Fastest robot to vacuum 1/2 pound of rice wins!

Robothon  The annual competition of the Seattle Robotics Society

Singapore Robotic Games  Eleven different competitions including legged robot race, wall climbing, and "robot battlefield"

SME Student Robotic Challenge  Long-running competition sponsored by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Trinity LEGO Cybernetics Challenge  A game of robot Volley Ball between teams of two robots built using Lego Mindstorms

USA Robot Sumo   Japanese champions come to the US!  $2000 first prize.

Underwater Robotics Competition  If you think that 2D navigation is difficult, try 3D!

Walking Machine Decathlon  Teams of students compete in the US, Canada, Mexico and France

Western Canadian Robot Games  Canada's premier robotic event includes Robot Sumo, BEAM, and Robot Hockey