Minutes of the Sphear / Hoarse Meeting held in Bochum 6.9.02


*Bochum: Jens Blauert, Jonas Braasch
*Daimler-Chrysler: Joan Mari, Julien Bourgeois
*IDIAP: Andrew Morris
*Keele: Georg Meyer
*Patras: Joerg Buchholz
*HUT: Paavo Alku
*Non-Exec Director: Jordan Cohen

*Udo Haiber, Jana Eggink, Kalle Palomaki, John Mourjopoulos


*Coordinator?s Report
*Research Presentations
*Planning for SPHEAR
*Planning for HOARSE
*Jordy?s slot

Coordinator?s report:

Phil Greenreported that cost statements were submitted.

The final 10% of funding was retained until the final project report was submitted. Phil suggested completing the final reports for each lab before the official end of the project.


A funding update was to be computed and distributed to all labs:ACTION: ALL report planned activities / cost to PDG,
PDG return to cost statement to all

All members of the network were reminded that EU auditing procedures have become stricter and were asked to document spending appropriately.

PDG reported that the final contract for HOARSE had just been circulated and urged all members to read it carefully. HOARSE was reported to be ?live? as of the 1.9.02 and 30% of the total budget was to be redistributed soon.

Work updates

RUB (Jonas): Model ofthe auditory precedence effect
Patras (Joerg): Towards a model of room reflection masking

DC (Joan): ASR experiments with multi-stream, TANDEM and hybrid RBF/HMM approaches on the AURORA 2000 and UKKCP databases

DC (Julien): Julien gave a short introduction to his work so far and his envisaged contribution to HOARSE.

IDIAP (Andrew): overview of work carried out by IDIAP

Keele (Georg): a) Measuring and modeling subject performance in multi-cue tasks (audio-visual motion detection) and,

b) A case for utterance based decision fusion in audio-visual speech recognition

Shef (Phil): a) Progress report on Multi-source decoding

b) Binaural processing for robust speech recognition in noisy & reverberent environments (Kalle Palomaki, Guy Brown)

External advisor (Jordi):Embed it! Embedded speech recognition in mobile telephones

Any other Business:

It was decided to invite the non-executive director to HOARSE workshops and to spread the cost of these visits between the labs.

Place and Date of next meeting:

Helsinki, 21-22/ 2 / 03