Richard Clayton

I am Professor of Computational Physiology in the Department of Computer Science and the INSIGNEO insitute for in-silico medicine at the University of Sheffield. Since 1990 my research has focussed on the heart, with a particular interest in cardiac arrhythmias - see the video and links below for more details.

Our Python code for fitting Gaussian process emulators developed by Sam Coveney is available on github.

I am very keen to recruit well-qualified PhD students with an interest in uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis of cardiac models. If you are interested, please contact me.

RHC at the craters of the moon near Taupo
Contact details:
Department of Computer Science, Regent Court,
211 Portobello Street ,
Sheffield, S1 4DP. 

Telephone :       +44 (0) 114 222 1845
Fax:                    +44 (0) 114 222 1810 
email:                 r.h.clayton # at #

Spiral wave in the heart


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