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Research overview
Ventricular fibrillation (VF) is a catastrophic and life threatening cardiac arrhythmia that accounts for at least 60,000 deaths in the UK each year. Although it has important social and economic consequences, it remains difficult to either predict or prevent VF. Experimental studies are difficult, and our understanding of the mechanisms that initiate and sustain VF remains poor.

In common with several other groups, in Sheffield we are using computational models of cardiac tissue to understand how VF can be initiated and sustained. Some images of these models can be seen in the gallery, and they are described in detail in my publications.

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PhD students

Susheel Varma -- graduated 2010 

Arno Steinacher -- graduated 2011

Mahshid Bozorgizadeh

Mitra Abbasi

Sathyavani Malyala

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Potential PhD projects
My main research interest is in the multiscale modelling of the heart, and the project areas suggested below are related to this. From time-to-time there are studentships available to cover fees and stipend, and when available these are advertised on my main web page. To dicuss potential projects in greater detail please contact me.

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