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2016Alignment of Parallel Corpora
2015Argument Mining
2014Biomedical Text Processing/Bioinformatics
2013Comparable Corpora
2012Computational Logic
2011Coreference Resolution
2010Corpus Construction and Annotation
2008Evaluation in NLP
2007Grammar/Grammar Acquisition
2006Image Description
2005Information Extraction/Text Mining
2004Information Retrieval
2003Knowledge Representation
2002Machine Translation
2001NLP for Automated Software Engineering
2000Named Entity Recognition and Disambiguation
1998Question Answering
1997Sentence Boundary Detection
1996Sentiment Detection
1995Software Architectures for NLP
1994South Asian Language Processing
1993Spatial Language Processing
1988Text Clustering and Classification
1987Text Reuse
1977Time and Event Recognition
Word Sense Disambiguation

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