Current projects

Visualisation for interactive documents

Work package for Horizon 2020 project: In2Stempo - Network Rail Shift2Rail. Fletcher (PI, MechEng), Rigby (Civil), Mihaylova (ACSE), Maddock (Com). Aug 2019 - May 2021. (257K) part of EU Shift2Rail programme In2Stempo (research into Safety Management in Public Areas), Sep 2017 - Aug 2022

Augmented Reality, robots and safety

This PhD project in collaboration with the AMRC began in Feb 2019. The project makes use of HoloLens 2 and Robot Operating System (ROS) to control a robot arm and visualise safety information using AR. Recent work has been investigating the use of virtual safety zones around a moving robot arm.

Neural Style Transfer

Most work on neural style transfer concentrates on images, with applications such as Prisma for turning photos into art. This PhD project, which began in October 2020, is focussing on 3D neural style transfer, which could be applied to both real and synthetic worlds where depth information can be determined.

Experiencing Arbor Low using AR

Arbor Low is one of only two Neolithic enclosures in the Peak District. It is a nationally-protected archaeological site and one of the most visited archaeological monuments in the Peak District. The enclosure contains a stone circle with 50 white limestone slabs, all now fallen. The aim of this project is to use AR so that the stones can be viewed standing and interacted with in situ.