What I do.

Automated testing, specifically testing applications which use unconventional input methods.

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Data Generation

By observing usage of applications, data is generated and input into applications to emulate user interaction. I'm work on methods of guiding the search.

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Automated Testing

I work on methods of automating the testing process. Trying to emulate a user has great difficulties, even more so with the rise of natural user interfaces.

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Code Defenders

I'm a contributor to CodeDefenders, a teaching tool which uses gamification to teach students mutation testing in a competitive, fun way.


The work I've done over the last few years.

Leap Motion Testing

Automating testing of Leap Motion applications by learning about the data structure retrieved from the Leap Motion and real users.


I'm a founder of an instrumentation tool that provides a simple and easy way of tracking code coverage when executing unit tests.

Code Defenders

I implemented the multiplayer battlegrounds into CodeDefenders, allow multiple mutators to fight multiple unit tests simultaneously

Contact Me

Thomas White
Research Student,
125 / Regent Court
The Department of Computer Science,
Regent Court, 211 Portobello,
S1 4DP.

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