Vitaveska Lanfranchi


Senior Research Fellow in
Human Computer Interaction for
Social Media and Knowledge Management

Current Project: Randms
Previous Projects: TRIDS, Siloet, WeKnowIt, XMedia, IPAS

room G015
regent court, 211 portobello,
sheffield, S1 4DP, united kingdom.
tel: +44(0)114-222.1873
fax: +44(0)114-222.1810
email: "v.lanfranchi@dcs" and then ""


Current Projects

Randms (May 2012 - May 2013)
RAnDMS will study, implement and evaluate Real-time Data and Visual Analytic techniques to enable emergency responders and government bodies, to monitor and make sense of local, regional and global events using web scale data from social and traditional media streams. The data gathering task will be defined as identifying, correlating, integrating and presenting data and information, in order to understand situations as they arise. Current technology does not provide efficient and effective solutions, as it mainly focuses on detecting trends in the use of keywords and tags.

Past Projects

Trids (June 2011 - December 2011)
TRIDS designed and implemented a solution able to gather, collate and analyse in real time a large number of live data streams, linking the live data to static information sources in order to foster understanding of unfolding events. Our approach is based on modelling collective intelligence, i.e. the combination of personal intelligence (what the single individuals communicate, e.g. tweets), mass intelligence (e.g. trends in media), social intelligence (e.g. group/community opinions) and organisational intelligence (e.g. official and professional bodies’ communications).
Siloet (2011)
(Strategic Investment in Low Carbon Engine Technology), was a £90m TSB-funded project which is expected to deliver a substantial improvement in CO2 emissions of jet engines and hence engine fuel economy. Our group was fully funded by Rolls-Royce to work on knowledge and information capture during meetings.
WeKnowIt (2008-2011)
The main objective of WeKnowIt was to develop novel techniques for exploiting multiple layers of intelligence from user-contributed content, which together constitute Collective Intelligence, a form of intelligence that emerges from the collaboration and competition among many individuals, and that seemingly has a mind of its own.
X-Media (2006-2010)

IP project started in March 2006. X-Media was coordinated by the OAK group. With a budget topping €13m, it is one of the largest projects funded in the area of IST knowledge and content technologies within Framework 6 of the European Union. The aim of X-Media was to create cutting-edge large-scale knowledge management techniques.

IPAS was a project on Distributed Products and Services funded by the DTI and coordinated by Rolls Royce. Participants were Rolls Royce, the Universities of Cambridge, Sheffield, Aberdeen and Southampton; Abiuri and Epistemics.