You can download a number of tools that may be useful to your work.

JATE - Java Automatic Term Extraction library

JATE is a library that implements several state-of-the-art term extraction algorithms. It also provides a generic development and evaluation framework for developing new term extraction algorithms.

The most recent, stable version is JATE 1.11, released under the LGPL license, was previously hosted on Google Code. However, as by Jan 2016, Google has shut down Google Code project. We notice that the link has not been working since then.

An alternative download is here.

Meanwhile, we are preparing the release of JATE 2.0, a complete re-make of JATE that integrates with Apache Solr to deliver adaptability and scalability. JATE 2.0 is currently under development on GitHub. The release will be updated here and also on its GitHub webpage.

Credits to the following projects which partially funded the development and release of JATE:

Cite JATE:

  • Zhang, Z., Iria, J., Brewster, C., and Ciravegna, F. (2008). A Comparative Evaluation of Term Recognition Algorithms. In Proceedings of The sixth international conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, (LREC 2008), May 28-31, 2008, Marrakech, Morocco.

OntEval - an Ontology Evaluation tool

This is an implementation of the ontology evaluation algorithm described in:

  • Dellschaft, K., Staab, S. 2006. On How to Perform a Gold Standard Based Evaluation of Ontology Learning. Proceedings of the 5th international conference on The Semantic Web.

.Please contact me to obtain a working copy.