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Getting down into the groove
C20th Rock Band: Mark Hammond (bass), Dermot Boyle (blues guitar), Mark Allchorn (getting down) at the Selwyn Diamond. Other members are out of shot. A Folk Passion (vinyl LP)

A Folk Passion

This 33rpm LP album was produced by an early 20th Century line-up. The Folk Passion is a folk-rock oratorio, with music written by John Lockley and lyrics by Mike Colley. It was recorded and produced by Michael Lehr at Orange Studios in 1970, and published by Reflection in 1972 (catalogue: RL305).

Michael Lehr owns and maintains the Reflection Christian Music website and has kindly allowed us to offer MP3 tracks from A Folk Passion that were recovered from an old pressing on vinyl, digitized, filtered and rebalanced for the best overall presentation. There seems to be some distortion and flutter arising from the original pressing and the reprocessing, but these MP3 tracks still give a good idea of the group's sound at the beginning of the 1970s.

Some of the artwork associated with the album was also kindly offered by Michael Lehr for this 20th Century website. As well as the album front cover, we may also show you the album back cover, which gives full credits listing all the performers, and some interesting album inside notes, in which one reference to "John Colley" is of course an erratum and should refer to "Mike Colley"!

Recordings and artwork kindly supplied by Michael Lehr, Reflection Christian Music, Wellingborough, Northants.

He Is the One (B-side) Stand Up and Be Counted (A-side)

Stand Up and Be Counted / He is the One

Stand Up and Be Counted / He is the One, published by Very Nice Records, catalogue: Nice 1.

The vinyl version of this 45rpm single is now out of press. Some kind person uploaded the single onto YouTube (complete with pops and scratches). The A-side was penned by Graham Gill and the B-side by Jon Wicks.

Show Just a Little of Your Love (B-side) Mad World (A-side)

Mad World / Show A Little of My Love

Mad World / Show A Little Of My Love, published by Very Nice Records, catalogue: Nice 2.

The vinyl version of this 45rpm single is now out of press. Some kind person uploaded the A-side onto YouTube.

25th Anniversary Bootleg

In true 20th Century style, a brown-paper-and-string contraption was used to record the 25th Anniversary Gig on 27th November, 2004 at Christ Church in Fulwood, Sheffield (actually, a stereo microphone sitting on the mixing desk). The following MP3 transfers are of variable quality, given the ambient acoustic of the building, and the fact that the main mix on the night needed more bass tonality from the bass guitar and a better balance between the keyboards and the lead guitar.

Recordings kindly supplied by Dr. Michael Stone, Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge.

Where Are They Now?

The following is anything else we can find about music or performances of old 20th Century members. Some have gone on to be professional musicians, while others just keep it up as a hobby.

Regent Court, 211 Portobello, Sheffield S1 4DP, United Kingdom