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Automated abstraction of code into a state-based specification and test generation

In traditional software development, specification and testing do not play an important role. In particular, changes to software code do not normally get reflected in a specificaton. At the same time, specification-based testing methods are very important for maintaing software quality, for identification of missing or incorrectly-implemented behaviour. The project aims to develop a method and a tool to take an incomplete state-based specification, hints for developers as to how it relates to code and both extract a complete (up-to-date) specification and generate tests from it.

A number of existing specificaton-based testing methods rely on a program under test being built with testing in mind, and loose a lot in power if this is not true. In this project, observation of program behaviour under test will be used to make up for the missing information about a system, making it more amenable to testing using these methods.

More details on the completed project are at here. A follow-on project called REGI started in April 2009 and finished in 2012.

Present occupation

Lecturer from 1 Sep 2000, working at the Department of Computer Science, The University of Sheffield, UK.

Previously a research associate (RA) from 1 Oct 99 until 31 Aug 2000 in the Department of Computer Science, The University of Sheffield, UK on the EPSRC-funded MOTIVE project. The research focused on testing of object-oriented systems using an X-machine testing method.

I am a member of the Verification and Testing Research Group.


I have finished the Ph.D degree in Computer Science, in the area of specification-based software testing, in April 2000. The thesis is available. My research focused to bring the achievements of the X-machine testing method, for testing software against its specifications in Statecharts. My supervisor was Prof. Mike Holcombe and I was funded by the Daimler-Chrysler AG, Berlin.

X-machines are the extension of finite-state machines, with memory. When transitions are taken, some functions are executed which take input and produce output, using and possibly modifying this memory. This extension allows to build powerful systems without the state explosion of finite-state machines. The real benefit is in testing: it is possible to lay down reasonable assumptions for the specification and development process and construct a test set. If this test set does not reveal faults, the whole implementation could be considered behaviourally-equivalent to the specification. To put this statement in other words, unlike many testing methods, the X-machine one puts down all assumptions which are made.

Statecharts is the widely-known formalism for specification of systems. Like X-machines, it is also an extension of finite-state machines, but it contains many more elements, such as state hierarchy and concurrency.

My Ph.D. research concentrated at an application of the X-machine testing method to testing of implementations against specifications for software specified in Statecharts. The aim was to preserve the provable correctness provided by the X-machine testing method by adapting it to a subset of statecharts which excludes only a few elements.

Some of the recent publications


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Most publications for two years are available on the Neil Walkinshaw's page.


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Presentations at conferences and workshops


K.Bogdanov, M.Holcombe, H.Singh "Test Generation From Statemate Specifications", Testing Workshop, Sep 17-18 1998, York, UK. Sheffield, Department of Computer Science.


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