Sebastian T. Vincent

PhD student at the University of Sheffield


PhD Project

Research Interests



My name is Sebastian Vincent. I am currently a final year PhD student at the University of Sheffield, working on Personalising Machine Translation for Scripted Dialogue under the supervision of Carolina Scarton and Loic Barrault .

Originally from Poland, I came from a Maths and Computer Science background (with the focus on algorithmic problem solving) to study AI & Computer Science at the University of Sheffield in the UK. Having graduated in 2019, I am now part of the first cohort of the Speech and Language Technologies CDT in Sheffield. I’m also a tutor in programming and University-level Computer Science.

I am a dad to an ex-racing greyhound named Ronald. I grow indoor plants, especially rare aroids. Sports-wise, I enjoy regular mobility practice, handstands, indoor bouldering, volleyball. Recently I've picked up the piano.