Thomas Hain


Speech and Hearing

Machine intelligence for natural interfaces

Machine learning

Sheffield University
... I am fascinated by methods that give access to meaning in data and that allow machines to perform tasks that are even beyond our own abilities. This is an age of enormous opportunity, but that also puts huge responsibility on us to produce technology that does not leave people behind ...

Leading or member of several research groups in the University of Sheffield - Speech and Hearing Research, the , Machine Intelligence for Natural Interfaces , the Machine Learning research group, and the Voicebase Centre for Speech and Language Technologies. I am also associated with the Nagoya Institute of Technology.

Almost 25 years experience in machine learning oriented research to speech, language, audio, hearing, visual and mutli-modal technology, in industry and at university. (Co-)author of more than 150 peer reviewed papers and several patents.

Participating in the community with various acitivities, as elected member of the IEEE Speech technical committee, Asossciate Editor Computer Speech & Language, as member of the EPSRC Review College and others. More details are here.

research interests

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