Photograph of Mike Stannett, Oct 2014.
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Current Research Interests
Membrane Systems, Logics of Relativity Theory, Hypercomputation, General Topology, Unconventional Computing
Relevant Projects
Machine-Verification of First-Order Relativity Theories (Royal Society) JAR 52(4):361-378 (2014)
Hypercomputation Research Network (EPSRC)
Grand Challenge in Non-Classical Computation
TYPES Research Project (EU Framework 6)
Early Research
Asymmetry of Economic Times Series (1825 - 1993)

Current PhD Students

  • Rustem Dautov: An ontology-driven adaptation framework for self-management in cloud application platforms (jointly supervised with Dr Iraklis Paraskakis, SEERC)

Professional Activities

Mike is a member of and has reviewed material for Mike Stannett
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