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The JWalk 1.1 Tool Suite is the latest version of the famous lazy systematic unit testing engine, and is still offered free of charge to academic researchers and teachers; and also to industrial users for limited commercial evaluation purposes. All users will need a valid JWalk License to run the software. This is an electronic certificate, obtainable free of charge, under the terms offered below. The software, which may be downloaded below, will not execute without a valid license.

Obtaining a JWalk License

Since JWalk 1.0, we have licensed the software, in order to track more closely how the tools are being used, and gain statistics about the impact of our software testing research. Individual licenses are available free of charge for research or evaluation purposes. Large-scale commercial use of the software must be negotiated through the University of Sheffield.

To obtain a single-user, single-installation license, you should contact Anthony Simons, the developer of the JWalk 1.1 Tool Suite. The following information will be requested:

  • your full name (forename, middle initials, surname);
  • your usual academic or business email address (for a reply);
  • your affiliation (university or company name and address);
  • a statement describing how you intend to use the tools.

In reply, you will eventually receive an email acknowledgement and an attached electronic certificate, which you should detach carefully from the email message and save as a file named "JWalkLicense.txt". By registering to use the JWalk 1.1 Tool Suite in this way, you will agree implicitly to the following license conditions:

  • the JWalk license is for a single user and a single JWalk installation;
  • the JWalk software is offered as-is, without any further implied liability;
  • the JWalk software may read and write data files under the installed directory;
  • the JWalk documentation is offered as-is, without any further implied liability;
  • the JWalk bytecodes MAY NOT be decompiled or reverse-engineered to source code;
  • JWalk publications may refer to the names and affiliations of registered users;
  • JWalk publications may refer to the purposes for which JWalk is being used.

Please note also that the time taken to process a request for a license may vary, depending on the other commitments of the developer!

Downloading the JWalk Software Bundle

The current stable release of the JWalk software is known as the JWalk 1.1 Tool Suite. This replaces all earlier versions. Both the executable software and the documentation are offered as compressed java archive files (JAR-files). They are bundled separately, for convenience. Click on the following links to download:

The documentation should be decompressed, before browsing in any web browser. This was generated by the Java javadoc program and is a copy of the detailed JWalk package API documentation found under the Look Inside section of this website.

The software may be launched directly from the compressed archive, or unbundled first. The software was developed in Java JDK1.7 under Microsoft Windows 7, using a Java JRE1.7+ compatible compiler.

Installing the JWalk 1.1 Tool Suite

Installing the License

You should have received a license from the developers of the software, by return email. If your browser allows you to detach the license as a text file, you should be ready to go. Otherwise, you may need to excise it from the email message. In any text editor, arrange things such that:

  • the first line of the license file is the line containing the top edge of the banner;
  • the last line of the license file is the empty line below the license serial code;
  • the name of the plain-text license file is exactly: "JWalkLicense.txt".
You should then choose a working directory in which to install and run the JWalk 1.1 Tool Suite. Your license should be placed in this directory. The license is a single-user, single-installation license. If you later move your JWalk installation as a whole to a different directory on the same machine, this should be OK. The same license will not work for other users, nor on other machines.

Default JWalk Installation

Each installation of the JWalk 1.1 Tool Suite requires a unique license (see above). Prior to first executing the tools, choose a working directory on the target machine. Both the software bundle JWalk11.jar and the license JWalkLicense.txt should be placed in the same working directory. The JAR-file may then be launched directly on some platforms by double-clicking on the icon. If your platform does not support this, it can be launched using the Java command:

	java -jar JWalk11.jar
This will open the tool JWalkTester, which is the default entry-point to the software. Note that if you do not have a valid license, the software will terminate immediately, possibly silently.

Complete JWalk Installation

To use the JWalkUtility command-line tool, or build a third-party JWalk application around the core test engine JWalker using the tool kit, you will need to unpack the archive. The archive can be decompressed using the Java console command:

	jar -xf JWalk11.jar
This will install a Java package directory structure under the current working directory, containing compiled Java class-files and a number of sub-packages. The packages you see under the newly created subdirectory org/ should include:
The directory META-INF in your working directory may be safely ignored or deleted (it contains a Manifest file, which tells Java how to launch the compressed archive).

Both of the supplied tools are found in the org.jwalk.tool sub-package. One or other of these may be launched using the appropriate Java console command from the following:

	java org.jwalk.tool.JWalkTester
	java org.jwalk.tool.JWalkUtility <classname>
Please refer to the User Guide section of this website for further information on usage. Note that if you do not have a valid license, these tools will terminate immediately and a license violation message will appear at the console.

Installing the Documentation

To decompress the documentation bundle, use the Java console command:

	jar -xf JWalk11doc.jar
This will install a directory structure rooted in the subdirectory html under the current working directory. Point your web browser to the html/ root directory to load the index file. If a directory META-INF appears in your working directory may be safely ignored or deleted (it contains an empty Manifest file).

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