University of Sheffield

Anthony J H Simons, MA PhD

Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
University Computer Science Testing Group Space Tech Europe Industry

Research Projects


This project provides a set of tools for verifying specifications, and generating tests for software services in the cloud. Future cloud service brokers will benefit from this and other mechanisms for continuous quality assurance and optimisation.


This project seeks to seeks to raise the level of abstraction at which software systems are created and modified, through reusable model design languages. Models are converted to software systems through a cascading set of transformations.


JWalk is a software testing tool for Java, which uses the lazy systematic unit testing method. This dynamically explores compiled Java code to discover ideal test-sets that drive the code through all of its states and transitions.


This project offers fast, compact methods for processing XML data into Java Abstract Syntax Trees, with DOM-readers and writers, streaming SAX-builders and Java-binding conventions for marshalling and unmarshalling.


This project has created a model-checker for the Z Notation, a well-known formal specification language. The tool translates a Z specification into the SAL state-based language, used by a set of tools provided by the Stanford Research Institute. Z specifications may be simulated and model-checked.


This project aims to put assistive technology resources into the cloud for speech therapists. Tools will support data gathering for research, training and diagnostics for therapists and clinicians, and personalised support for clients.