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Augmented Reality and Art

giraffe sculpture

Our paper at CGVC 2020 received the Rob Fletcher prize for 'best student application paper': Eleftherios Ioannou and Steve Maddock. Breathing life into statues using Augmented Reality. CGVC 2020. (video)

September, 2020

Cranioifacial reconstruction

facial reconstruction

Paper accepted: Wuyang Shui, Mingquan Zhou, Steve Maddock, Yuan Ji, Qingqiong Deng, Kang Li, Yachun Fan, Yang Li,Xiujie Wu. A Computerized Craniofacial Reconstruction Method for an Unidentified Skull based on Statistical Shape Model. Multimedia Tools and Applications, (Online: 4 July 2020, Springer link)

July, 2020

GPU Near Neighbours

Uniform random initialisation state for the Circles model

"Improved GPU Near Neighbours Performance for Multi-Agent Simulations" published in the Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing. Authors: Rob Chisholm, Steve Maddock, Paul Richmond. Available via ScienceDirect

March, 2020



@LifePathVR featured on BBC Sounds podcast: Dementia and Me, Episode 6 "What's my reality? What's your reality?". @chrisblackmore, Matt Leach and I were interviewed by @RadioPegs - our bit starts at 14 minutes into episode 6

February, 2020

Arbor Low Field Trip

field trip image

We trialled our Arbor Low AR app on a recent Archaeology field trip for a group of students. Initial feedback was good. There are still some alignment issues to resolve though.

February, 2020

Hololens 2

yunus wearing the hololens 2

We have taken delivery of a HoloLens 2, which will be used to support Augmented reality projects in the Department. This was purchased as part of a grant from Sheffield's Alumni Fund.

January, 2020

AR and Arbor Low

eleftherios poster

Eleftheriso Ioannou, a TuOS SURE student working with me over the summer, presented his poster on "Arbor Low Neolithic henge monument in Augmented Reality" at ICUR 2019.

September, 2019



@LifePathVR continues to attract interest. @chrisblackmore, Matt Leach and I were recently interviewed by @RadioPegs for a forthcoming @BBCSounds podcast on the role of storytelling for people with dementia. Check out the concept video for LifePathVR at The University of Sheffield news site.

September, 2019

AR Sheffield Castle in the Pop-Up University

pop-up university banner

Our Augmented Reality experience of Sheffield castle is on display at Sheffield's Millennium Galleries as part of the Pop-Up University.

September, 2019

AR Sheffield Castle at the NVM

Sheffield castle picture

Our Augmented Reality experience of Sheffield castle is on display at the National Videogame Museum.

August, 2019

AR Arbor Low stones standing onsite

Arbor Low

Our first draft of the stones standing in AR at Arbor Low. Still some alignment and scale issues to resolve.

July, 2019

AR Arbor Low on a tabletop

Arbor Low

We have now produced a full working model of AR Arbor Low. Next step is in situ testing.

July, 2019

AR Arbor Low project begins

Arbor Low

Arbor Low is one of only two Neolithic enclosures in the Peak District. It is a nationally-protected archaeological site and one of the most visited archaeological monuments in the Peak District. The enclosure contains a stone circle with 50 white limestone slabs, all now fallen. The aim of this TUoS SURE project is to use Augmented Reality (AR) so that the stones can be viewed standing and interacted with in situ. The team working on this is Steve Maddock (Computer Science), Graham McElearney (APSE), Bob Johnston (Archaeology) and Eleftherios Ioannou (Computer Science), our TuOS SURE student.

June, 2019

AR castle (in the middle of the desk)

Augmented reality castle

Matt Leach and I are working on a new Augmented Reality version of Sheffield's long-gone medieval castle. See below for details of our earlier version.

May, 2019

Transport simulation

The assignment-simulation loop within SATURN

"A Data-Parallel Many-Source Shortest-Path Algorithm to Accelerate Macroscopic Transport Network Assignment" accepted for the journal Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies. Authors: @ptheywood, @stevemaddock, Richard Bradley, David Swain, Ian Wright, Mark Mawson, Graham Fletcher, Roland Guichard, Roger Himlin and Paul Richmond.

May, 2019

Alumni grant success

A grant from Sheffield's Alumni Fund means that the Department can purchase three iPad Pros and a Microsoft Hololens 2 to support Augmented Reality projects for students in the next academic year.

May, 2019

New website released

Redesigned my website. Mobile-first responsive. Minimal JavaScript: Google map on Contact page and Tweets on this page. Carried over a few news items before this date.

May, 2019

Crowd simulation

Simulated 8-way crossing of people

"Fast Simulation Of Crowd Collision Avoidance" accepted for CGI 2019. Authors: John Charlton, Luis Rene Montana Gonzalez, @stevemaddock and Paul Richmond.

April, 2019

Two-dimensional batch linear programming on the GPU

Distribution of workload across a warp after optimizations. Work units are distributed evenly across all available threads.

Two-dimensional batch linear programming on the GPU has been published in the Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing. Authors: John Charlton, @stevemaddock, Paul Richmond

April, 2019

Experience Castlegate

Video released about our collaborative project on Sheffield Castle and the surrounding Castlegate area.

March, 2019

Sticky lips

detecting lip contours

An Evaluation Approach for a Physically-Based Sticky Lip Model has been published in Computers as part of the Special Issue 'Selected Papers from Computer Graphics & Visual Computing (CGVC 2018)'. Authors: Matt Leach, @stevemaddock.

March, 2019

VR in dental education

Simulation Suite in the School of Clinical Dentistry

A scoping review of the use and application of Virtual Reality in Dental Education has been published in the British Dental Journal. Authors: @ashleytowers, @jamesfi3ld, @cwstokes, @stevemaddock and Nicolas Martin. Our work on VR in dental education is supported by the Simulation Suite in the University of Sheffield's School of Clinical Dentistry and by French company HRV-Simulation.

March, 2019

New PhD project

Yunus Cogurcu, one of my previous MSc students, has begun his PhD project. We'll be investigating the use of AR in relation to robots and manufacturing and collaborating with @TheAMRC.

February, 2019

Visual speech

Video frames of a real speaker (ID: S17) and the 3D head produced for each data set

"3D Visual speech animation using 2D videos" accepted for ICASSP 2019. Authors: Rabab Algadhy, Yoshihiko Gotoh, @stevemaddock

February, 2019

Digital Engagement for Heritage-led Urban Regeneration


We presented our work on Sheffield Castle at the AHRC Immersive Experiences Showcase in York

December, 2018

Sketching to control crowd simulations

Pedestrians walking in the direction of the sketched flow lines

"A Sketch-based Interface for Real-time Control of Crowd Simulations that Use Navigation Meshes" accepted for GRAPP 2019, the 14th International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications, to be presented in Prague, Czech Republic, 25-27 Feb 2019. Authors: Luis Rene Montana Gonzalez and @stevemaddock

November, 2018

Augmented reality experience brings Sheffield’s lost medieval castle to life


Sheffield’s medieval castle (@SheffieldCastle) is long gone, destroyed as a result of the English Civil War in the mid-seventeenth century. Our AHRC/EPSRC-funded project, in collaboration with @humanvr1, brought it back using Augmented Reality so that it could be displayed in situ in Sheffield, where it once stood. Our EuroVR 2018 research paper on the work can be viewed at White Rose research online. More details: TUoS news story, Immersive Experiences showcase event

We also built a further AR version for display during Sheffield's Festival of the Mind 2018 and a virtual reality version, available for download at:

The work was picked up by a range of media outlets: BBC News, BBC Look North (which shows people interacting with the exhibit at the Millennium Gallery), Sheffield city council news, Sheffield Star, Yorkshire Post, History Scotland, The Vintage News, Exposed Magazine, RMC media, Wikipedia. The model was also projected on a wall at Castlegate during Festival of the Mind.

September, 2018

Audio-visual Lombard Grid speech corpus

picture of the helmet used in the corpus recording process

The corpus we collected for our work on studying the Lombard effect in visual speech is available at The picture shows the bespoke head-mounted camera system that was built for collecting the corpus. More details in A corpus of audio-visual Lombard speech with frontal and profile views, The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. Authors: @NajwaGhamdi, @stevemaddock, @ricardmp, Jon Barker, @guyjbrown.

March, 2018

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