I am a Professor in Computer Science at the University of Sheffield, and a member of the Speech and Hearing Research Group.

My research interests include speech recognition by humans and machines, audio-visual speech processing, machine listening and the application of machine learning to audio processing.

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Recent Publications

  1. Akeroyd, M. A., Barker, J. P., Cox, T. J., Culling, J., Graetzer, S., Naylor, G., … Viveros Muñoz, R. (2021). Launching the first “Clarity” Machine Learning Challenge to revolutionise hearing device processing. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 148(4), 2711. 10.1121/1.5147514
  2. Cooke, M., Lecumberri, M. L. G., Barker, J., & Marxer, R. (2019). Lexical frequency effects in English and Spanish word misperceptions. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 145(2), EL136–EL141. 10.1121/1.5090196 [PDF]
  3. Marxer, R., Barker, J., Alghamdi, N., & Maddock, S. (2018). The impact of the Lombard effect on audio and visual speech recognition systems. Speech Communication, 100, 58–68. 10.1016/j.specom.2018.04.006 [PDF]
  4. Alghamdia, N., Maddock, S., Marxerb, R., Barker, J., & Brown, G. J. (2018). A corpus of audio-visual Lombard speech with frontal and profile views. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 143(6), EL523–EL529. 10.1121/1.5042758 [PDF]
  5. Vincent, E., Watanabe, S., Nugraha, A. A., Barker, J., & Marxer, R. (2017). An analysis of environment, microphone and data simulation mismatches in robust speech recognition. Computer Speech and Language, 46, 535–557. 10.1016/j.csl.2016.11.005 [PDF]